A Secret Paradise:

Beautify Your Closet In Four Steps

  • 1. Clear the ugly distracting clutter:

    • Remove the dry cleaning bags off your clothes.
    • Remove all the unused hangers off the rack, and put them all together on a special hook or at the end of the hanging bar.
    • Remove mismatched hangers. Invest in hangers that match in size and color.
    • Hang clothes facing the same direction.
    • Remove all items that are not clothes. Put the tennis racket, skis, wrapping paper in another closet.
    • Remove cardboard shoe boxes and put shoes in clear boxes or on a rack.

    2. Sprucing up your closet will make you smile!

    • Take everything out of your closet; yes it might be a dusty job so get the vacuum cleaner out.
    • How about painting the walls in your favorite color? It will make you smile each morning to see your favorite color!
    • Is your lighting dim? Do you have a naked bulb hanging in there? Research new fixtures to illuminate your closet.
  • Tricks To Maximize The Space:

    • Install a rod below the existing one
    • Place a divider or baskets on long shelves
    • Hang handbags from hooks in the ceiling
    • Install a sliding belt rack
    • Hang scarves from a tiered hanger
    • Not enough room for accessories? Customize a chest to display them.
    • Remember that a full length mirror needs to be in or near the closet.

3. Display your clothes and accessories as much as possible.

  • If you can see it, you will wear it.
  • Before you put back your clothes back in the closet, determine what you have. Separate sweaters and knits that go on shelves or in drawers, put the hanging clothes on a portable rack, collect the shoes together, and spread your accessories out on the bed.
  • Think horizontally and vertically. What’s the best way to arrange everything for the most efficient use of the space where you can see it all.

4. Adorn Your Closet With Personal Touches:

  • Add touches of what you love: a print of a favorite painting, photos of the ones you love, a favorite quote, or your mantra.
  • Place lavender sachets or your favorite scent in secret places.
  • Leave a rose (real or faux) in a special vase.

Now that your closet is full of life, energy, and beauty, let’s focus on the clothes.

  • Do they need attention? Are they looking a little tired?
  • Would you like to a create new outfits to get you through the winter?

And if you make a list of items to be replaced, you’ll have a jump start for your Fall 2013 wardrobe. This is the perfect time of the year to get organized. it’s warm inside, and you’ll be set till Summer.

The time we spend together to organize and style your clothes will save you time at the most crucial time of the day: the morning. We’ll make getting dressed a breeze.

Set your date today, email me, margohasen@rcn.com, or just pick up the phone (646) 388-0407 and we’ll get started.