Imagine a Closet Full of “Keepers”

What’s The Secret?

It Begins With Editing Your Current Wardrobe


  • Take all the clothes out of your closet and hang them on a garment rack.
  • Arrange them by category: Dress, Pants, Tops, Jackets.
  • Try on all the clothes in front of a full length mirror.
  • Ask these 6 questions with each garment to determine if it is a Keeper:
  • 1. Does it Fit Me Now?

    Tell the truth! If it is going to take a six-month diet plan before it fits, the season will be over before you are able to wear it. This is not an item for now!

    If you are not sure if it is a good fit, call me. I’m ready to a help you!

    2. Does It Elevate My Spirit?

    Do you feel confident, energized, sexy, attractive?

    If it enhances your image, it’s a keeper.

    3. Do My Personal Qualities Shine When I Wear This…?

    Does a ruffled blouse feel feminine or does it “feel so last year”? Is last year’s architectural dress still saying “I’m edgy and modern”?

    If it does not represent your current image, it needs to go to a new home.

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  • 4. Does This Dress Remind Me of Someone Else?

    Your sister? Your friend?

    Is it just OK? We need Just Right!

    I can help you to recognize the distinction between just okay and just right.

    5. Has My Favorite Item Lost Its Luster?

    Is it faded and worn?

    We’ll mourn for our old friend while we look for a replacement that will service you equally as well.

    6. Would I Buy This Item Again?

    If the answer is NO! It’s not a keeper! Let It Go!

    The answer may be YES, but you don’t know how to wear it to make you look fabulous. It’s time to call me, your style and
    wardrobe consultant. (646 388 0407)

Step Two to Wardrobe Heaven:

After we have purged your closet to reveal “The Keepers”, then we can take the next step and find new items that give vitality to your existing wardrobe. They will be the Cherished Keepers for the next few years that will serve you well.

For A Closet Full of Keepers Send An Email To Margo Today!

She Is Ready To Help You

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